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Focus on Time to Market
At Dealon we believe that effective design support for new products requires providing customer collaborative service that we are capable of achieving time-to-market target. For every project,Dealon creates specific engineering team in the early stage of product development, dedicating to reach customers' requirements from conceptual designs to specification. In addition, Foxlink's unique advantage in its knowledge of design for manufacturing, enabling to evaluate each aspect of design to improve performance. Ultimately, our analytical expertise and engineering experience ensure that the design chosen will be functional and moldable. 

Dealon is focusing on new product design, optimization and introduction services, while positioning the company as a joint design manufacturer (JDM). This approach demonstrates that we build our manufacturing business by streamling real value-added activities before any part are produced. Accordingly, our solution for new product development helps customers be more profitable by identifying, developing and filling market niches with new products faster than the competition while reducing costs through more efficient use of research and development resources. 

Peeking into the future of new product development,  we see a highly collaborative virtual environment designed to speed time to market, increase innovation, improve quality and reduce overall development costs. We are now investing in tools to support real-time collaboration of a fully integrated cross-functional product creation team within a supply chain:

Dealon's engineering design supported by computer aided design and computer aided engineering (CAD/CAE) allows optimising the product concept before manufacturing with assistance of computer aided machining (CAM), in management for rapid product development. For some product development processes Dealon utilizes the reverse engineering (RE) to generate surface models from points cloud captured by 3D-scanning technique, and consequently this methodology permits to manufacture parts and tools in a short development period.

Dealon's significant investment in state-of-the-art machining equipments and software facilities include CNC milling machines, opticial profile grinders, advanced molding analysis(Pro/E, Auto CAD, MPI, MPA, Cimatron, UG, Ansys, Ansoft, Moldex, PDM) and sophisticated 3D coordinate measurement systems, to manufacture accurate prototypes and tooling, to simulate optimise and validate the processes. 

Dealon's well respected capabilities in the area of tooling play an important role in providing fastest product development service. The rapid manufacturing team at Dealon utilizes a variety of technologies that are maintained in-house to produce high quality, multi-part molds in a fraction of the time required to precise miniaturized molds from large injection mold.


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